T’journ Series : December

Hey guys!!
How y’all doing?
How has the new year been so far?

Am here with my first journal entry..Yay!

This is one of the ways I want to encourage myself to write more, and to express myself more.
I didn’t / don’t have any structure in mind so it’s mostly going to be random.

December has always been my 2nd favourite month..yes 2nd to my birth month which is the best month in the whole universe! (FYI, am talking about August!!).
Anyway before I digress.. I simply love December, it’s a beautiful time to reflect on life, goals, family, expectations etc. It’s also a slow-paced period, for me.. chill, hangout with friends, visit family. All this happens tho, when am able to drag my petite self out,cos am such a homebody! I’ve sha been doing a bit better lately.

I started off the month with a mini reunion of my secondary school classmates . A couple of us from our set, who live in the same city decided to hang out. Some of us had seen each other once in a while but others hadn’t even crossed paths since after school and it had been 15 years! When I got the iv on fb I was like “hmm!!” You know the whole what would it be like,would it all flow etc.
I just clicked on maybe. It wasn’t till a few days to the day I finally made up my mind to be there…and am glad I went! It was fun and a good one .

After that event it was just one thing after another.
I had started 2015 with the mind of getting out more and through the course of the year I had tried to keep up.
And trust December to have events.
I ended up attending a couple of weddings..
A surprise birthday hangout with some karaoke fun..
A church convention which was awesome..
A friend launched her business – a ready to wear  fashion line NEYEKA FASHION. This was really inspiring.. Do check them out on Facebook and Instagram ( @neyekafashion )…
Visits with some friends I hadn’t spent quality time with all year..
Attended a hair hair event hosted by Dr Fomsky of Sizzelle
Got to see the movie War room!! Now this was amazing. There is a palpable stiring towards prayer with this movie. I can’t really describe it.
Have you seen it? Did you like it? If you haven’t please do!!
There was supposed to be a photoshoot with some friends but, that didn’t happen cos of suitable timing for us all. We still got plans for it tho.

In all December was a cool month. It ushered in the new year beautifully.

So here is my offering of my first journal entry..
I hope to keep it up.

Love n’ Light..

7 thoughts on “T’journ Series : December

  1. Nice new “home” you have here Tamie. I saw war room last week, truly inspiring indeed. Never underestimate the power of prayer. In addition to prayer, we have to commit to being the catalyst of change ourselves too.

    1. Fums!!!
      You’ve been great help with the packing and moving over here. Thanks a lot sweetie.
      Yeah, I love the journal idea too..i plan to write more and this is a start.
      Oh you should see war room. It’s inspiring.
      Home bodies stepping out! Lol

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