T’journ : March


How you doin’?

Marvelous March.

Its been a good month ! Started on an anointed note with My church monthly communion service. We normally have communion service on the first Tue of every month and this fell on March 1st. A beautiful way to march into the new month. I got healed during the service. There was this back pain I had been having on my left shoulder. It was a dull, nagging pain, wasn’t always constant but was there. During prayers my Pastor, PM, asked us to lay our hands on any where that was hurting, i did. I didn’t noticed any relief immediately but as I stood to share the grace I noticed the pain was gone! Oh,I was excited!

In December, two of my friends and I wanted to have a mini photoshoot..just for fun. Due to our different schedules we couldn’t do it then. Fast forward to march and we fixed date! We picked a Saturday morning. The studio we chose is named RedKarpet. You could check them out on Instagram.

Redkarpet Photography Studio

We had agreed on 10am but rain and one of us running late put us an hour behind, but it all turned out well as we got to realise their opening time was 11am…so we arrived just on time.


I liked the ambience of the studio. It was well lit and colourful. We had fun doing this. Mehn , professional models try o. Posing isn’t easy. It’s another category of hardwork . But i do like the idea of modelling, not the runway kind but the commercial kind….then, facial modelling, hair modelling etc. If I had the height for it maybe i would have tried it..like Cassie Daves


The colour theme of the studio was Red…to go with their name

One of my friends (who was part of the shoot) has a fashion line(had talked about  it in some older post). She volunteered some pieces from her line for the shoot. Maybe I would do a separate post about it..like a review. You can check my friend’s line here. Here are a few shots ..


I’m crazy in love with my grey strands


We three Queens.. An August Queen in between two March Queens 🙂


This would make a good #before pic after I BC. #TransitioningNatural

In a hospital, there are three groups of people:the health workers , the patients and the caregivers/patient relatives. I fall into the first category one a daily basis, can’t remember being in the second category ( never being admitted since i ‘knew’ myself), haven’t also being in the third category. Until last week. A pregnant  15 year old in labour was put in my care, with no family member available to her that time, i became an instant mama..(well, she easily could have been my child’s age if i had a child as a teenager). My brothers and my sisters, the experience wasn’t funny. Not one i would forget in a hurry. I sure picked up some lessons! Talking about it may deserve a post on its own too. How many to-do posts now? Anyway, no one is counting.

And the grand weekend of the month was the Easter weekend which always translates to my church annual  CAMP MEETING!!


I had a wonderful wonderful time at camp meeting. Word, worship, healings, fellowship…it was all a blessing. I was glad I made it.

March wasn’t as scorching as February, the rains became fairly constant. And it always descended Ph style …raining cat and dogs..like its been chased outta heavens. So am back to always having an umbrella handy in my bag.

I got to read four books this month! Loved that. Three of the books were unplanned reads. One was helping out a fellow blogger for a book she plans to publish and the other a new release by  from a fictional series (by Jeffrey Archer) I had been following, and the last an African literature book ( the Joys of Motherhood by Buchi Emecheta) i picked up and read on my journey back to ph. I think my next month reads would be some Christian fiction novels I bought last year. Not sure which I would choose yet. Will update it on  #Books2016 page 

The first quarter of the year is signing out. Its been a good one. Cheers to the next.

How was your March?


Love n’ Light


25 thoughts on “T’journ : March

  1. Joys Of Motherhood! Thought provocating good book. It was part of my essential literature book in my SS2. Your photo shoot came out good. You should really think about the commercial modelling thing, even though without pay for the moment.

    1. I enjoyed reading it! Hadn’t read African literature in a while. Did you have fav character?
      I don’t mind trying out some commercial modelling…would be a new thing to try.

      1. Ahh been over 8yrs I read that book. Can’t remember any character, but i remember the storyline. Oh oh.. the mother too. How she sold all her wrappers except one, the one she’d wear. And when she’d wash and spread it, she’d be stuck in the room naked until the wrapper gets ready again.

        Out of poverty she tied only that wrapper until people knew her by the wrapper. They said, you know how people would look ahead and go, “That person over there, that’s so and so”, In her case it was, “That wrapper over there, that’s so and so”.

        Sigh that book! Sigh

  2. Love the pace and pulse of this post… Just sucked me in.
    The pictures are gorgeous. Ur hair is too. I love pictures. I could easily live in a studio. Always dragged my then fiancé along for this shoot or that. He ultimately proposed in a studio during what I thought was a random shoot. Lol
    My heart prays for the 15y/o and her baby.
    I always love camps esp when there is a location change.

    1. Thanks E’!
      I love pictures too, both taking and looking through…. Tho I feel more at ease with random pics than studio pics cos I don’t really know how to pose. Lol
      My teenage baby and her are doing great. God has really been faithful.
      I recently started attending camps. And it’s always some experience!

  3. You hair! 😍 love love love!! I’ve been thinking of getting professional pictures taken for a while now. This has motivated me. I’m more likely to do it outdoors than in a studio though even though the weather can be unpredictable

  4. I lurrvvvvv the shoot, yes I ve long and full natural hair but still beefing urs 😒😒😒, after being away for soo long your posts is making my evening. Thanks luv

  5. Hi Tamie,

    Faith is a wonderful thing, it lets us know that there’s someone looking out for us, all we need to do is trust.

    Your lovely photo shoot reminded me of my childhood, back then when few people had personal cameras and it was a big deal to go take photos at the studio. It’s something I’ll love to do again, professional shots have a nice touch.

    I have grey strands too. 🙂

    1. Faith is such a beautiful thing!

      Oh those studios that always had flower props and some funny beams. Lol.

      Do you like the grey strands or feel tempted to yank them whenever you see them?

        1. Lol
          I’ve done henna treatment just once and was moderate in my application , so didn’t really notice a change in the colour. I plan a repeat treatment soon.

          Good thing you’ve stopped yanking. Embrace them .lol

          1. If you want the henna to colour, mix the powder into a paste and let it sit for at least 2 hours, so that the dye can release, then apply on the area of hair you wish to colour.

            Cover with a plastic cap ( I use an old plastic bag) to lock in moisture so that the strands can absorb it better. Leave it in for at least an hour.

            Only the grey strands will get stained, your dark strands will remain the same.

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