Are we even fighting AT ALL…?

Hey shugars, how has the weekend been?
Its been really really cool for me.

You know how you take time out with yourself and see some areas you think you should consciously work on? That’s the place I’ve been for a while now.
And this beautiful post by E’ just give me the right push. I give up too easily. I need to learn to fight. #WarMode
Its a long read, but totally worth it! I promise.

..And happy mothering sunday to all mama’s and mama’s to be .

Love always.

7 thoughts on “Are we even fighting AT ALL…?

  1. Hi Tamie,

    Thank you so much for sharing this reblog link, now I’ve discovered both Eziaha’s motivational blog and Priscilla Shirer, I have got to find that movie “War Room”, that scene was so powerful. 🙂

    Have a great week.

    1. Nedoux dearie… Am glad you loved the post. Eziaha’s blog is plenty shades of awesome to me!
      Ah! War room !! Its a really inspiring one. You should see it.
      Have a beautiful week babe.

  2. Hmmmmm… One of the Biggest problems I have with this post is that, this is not what God has called us to do. Hear me out biko before you throw stone at me. Lol.

    One of the red flags is “Fighting for what is ours” errr… We don’t own anything! We brought nothing, we go with nothing. The husband o, the child o, the money o you get the drift.

    Even the so called “confession” is a worry in a greater form… Why? Think about it… If you are not worrying will you have to be reminding yourself about something? The only confession we are commanded to do is our sins. However, God’s command to us is to “Not worry” If we indeed take up the stewardship mentality there is no waay we will be “fighting for our own” because we don’t own anything.

    You have a Boss, He gives you 100 million to execute a project, will you go and give testimony? Lol Or will you not go and execute it and make sure you do a good Job? Your boss gives you an official car to take for a meeting, if it spoils on your way you will call the office to report it and they will either send you another car so you can meet up with your meeting. You are a teacher in a school, you job is to train the child, are you the one to worry about the childs upkeep and all? The school will pay you, give you a comfortable class to teach in etc…

    Let’s take it back to God. What do we have that has not been given? Even the life sef, is his. So why should we break our neck? He owns it, I am just a steward. What I would expect is that as a steward you come to me to ask how you should manage that which you have been given. I think is the relationship we should have with God. Not asking him to come and protect what is Ours but understanding that it is ALL his and he will do as he pleases with it! The question is, What do you want to do with it Lord?

    And the answer to that on my part is whatever it is, whether the positive or the negative, I can do ALL things through Christ. Philip 4:11-13

    I hope my epistle is not too long.

    1. Hehehehe….no stone throwing here. No one person has all the knowledge. And one gift of life is freedom of expression. So always feel free to share your thoughts.

      As stewards who all we have has been handed to us , I believe it would lie on us to be faithful managers of those things that have been entrusted in our care and not dig the ground and put them like that unfaithful servant. The devil isn’t slacking to steal, kill and destroy what has been entrusted to us.
      We really don’t own anything , all we have was given by God. But for the time its been entrusted to me its ‘My own’. God gives me children, they are His ultimately but mine here on earth. Mine to care for, to pray for. They devil has no right to try to take them from me. Yes we ar3 all stewards but I don’t think we have been called to be siddon look stewards.
      Yes we can do all things through Christ including resisting and standing against the wiles of the devil when he trying to play around things that have been given to us.

      Lol, no your epistle isn’t too long.

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