Why I write

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I wanted to title this why I scribble, cos I don’t really see what I put down as real serious writing per se.

Some people have some very deep reasons as to why they  write. They churn out very articulate and soulful reasons. Well, I don’t have those .

From as long as I can remember , putting down my thoughts or just plain doodling relieved any pent up emotions I may be feeling.

I remember there where times when I felt bad or hurt and was maybe crying , I would get a paper and pen and write out everything that led to that moment and my true feelings which I hardly ever voiced out . I always felt better after doing that.. Of course what was written never say dawn. I usually tore the up or burnt them.

I write cos its a way to let out some random thoughts that are constantly being generated in my head ..

I write cos I like coming back weeks later, months later, years later and reading what I had playing in my head as at that time .

I write cos am willing to learn to be better.

I write cos just maybe there might be something in there to encourage me or someone else.

There may be one or two other reasons,  But these have front row.

I still think I am more of a reader than a writer .


Why do you write?  So share..

Love n Light..


Why do you write?

13 thoughts on “Why I write

  1. The reason I write changes everyday. Sometimes it’s a means of expression of repressed thoughts and fantasies or a means of connecting with other writers (ok I guess that’s why I blog) other times it’s just a way to rant about the things that matter to me or to shed light on areas that I think do not get enough attention.

  2. Why i write? I don’t write per se lol except you call what i write in my ‘time with God’ journal a write up!
    But, yes going back to read these things is……. a good experience.
    I usually dont write for the world like you talented guys i am more of a talker than a writer hehe is there such a thing? Lol.

    1. Yes you write! We both know!
      I enjoy going back to read stuff I’ve written. It always make me wonder , smile, laugh, cry etc.
      Talented? Oooooooshey! Amen.
      I usually say of myself that i am more of a reader than a writer …..so yeah I guess there can be such a thing of being a talker than a writer.. And you know as a talker you can do podcasts , audios or video blogging ..

  3. Tamie I definitely understand the part about no grand reasons why you write. i feel same way. i write because that’s my favourite way of self expression. I don’t see my writing as grand but oh well, i love to write

    1. Yay! Someone gets that!
      And maybe the reason I write will evolve with/in time.. For now , am just enjoying expressing some of my thoughts.

  4. I’m just beginning to try to put to words why I write while reading your post. My reasons change, you know how melancholics can be.
    All my scribbling have been instant thoughts running through my mind, I never planned it

  5. I don’t write, but read; to get informed, to follow a road map that has been laid down, to increase knowledge, to get the best possible outcome for my time from those gone before. This is why i read.

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